Thursday, June 18, 2009

Use #451 For Windex

Last night I walked with my posse and it was soooooo humid. The humidity was so high you could cut it with a knife. We were dripping in sweat. I forgot to take off my rings and by the time we got back my hand were super swollen and I absolutely could not get them off. I tried Dawn dish detergent, regular soap, shampoo, holding something cold on it.....and nothing...those rings WOULD.NOT.BUDGE. My finger was red and hurting by this time. I decided to Google home remedies and a said to spray Windex on the rings and they would slip right off. I thought...."Yeah, right. Whatever." But I ran to the laundry room anyway and grabbed the Windex (actually it was an off brand), sprayed it on my finger, and those babies came right off. I was amazed!! It made me think of that movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

I had a good talking to with my body and it decided to let go of another pound and I'm down one 204! Yay!!!


  1. HAHAHA. That's exactly what movie I was thinking of when I read your Facebook status this morning.
    Good job on another pound! I'm still a fatass. ;)

  2. it with me! I'll be your biggest cheerleader!