Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Heart My New Kicks!

I figure if I'm going to be doing all this walking, I might as well have some decent shoes! My old Nikes weren't broad enough at the toes and were hurting my feet, so I went to Academy Sports and got these babies yesterday! I lurrrrrrrrve them! I got up at the crack of me this morning and went walking........4 miles again. That walk isn't so fun without my posse with me. Time goes by a lot faster with good conversation.

Vacation is scheduled for September and I figure that I'm going to lose about 25 more pounds by then. That will put me at around 175'ish. I would have really loved to have lost more than that before then, but I'm not going to complain. If I'm 175, I'm gonna feel skinny compared to what I've been! I already feel a difference. I'm pulling clothes out of my closet that I wasn't able to wear last Summer! That ROCKS!!


  1. You've done an awesome job, Dawn! Great work! You look great! I love your shoes.

  2. Nice shoes! I love the hot pink on them!

    You're doing so great! You can definitely lost that 25 lbs more by September.

  3. I love Nikes! Enjoy your new shoes :)

  4. They're cute!!
    Nothing like new shoes and fitness gear to get your motivation up for working out!!! :>
    Maybe I should get myself some new gear too heehee