Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Scale Is Da Debil

Sarah and I walked last night. It felt good and we had fun. 4 miles seems like nothing when you're arguing over who has the biggest hips. Seriously, I think we thought we were competing in the Fat Chick Olympics.

Her: I'm wider than you are!
Me: No you're NOT! I am!
Her: I'm dense, I hold my fat in well!
Me: Pulease....I'm WAY bigger than you!

For the record, I'm AM bigger than she is and give myself the gold medal for the first annual Fat Chick Olympics!

Ahhh....I gotta laugh at myself sometimes to keep from crying! It is what it is!

So........I weighed this morning and I'm STILL stuck at 205.

The scale is the debil.

I'm eating right. I should probably keep a food journal. If anything, I'm probably not eating enough calories. I KNOW I'm not eating too many. My fat gram intake isn't over what it should be (20 grams/day). I'm exercising on a regular basis too, so I just don't get it. I'm impatient, I know. *sigh*

Any suggestions? Tips?


  1. Keeping a food journal has been very helpful to me. I found that there were a lot more calories than I realized. But sometimes people eat too little, too. Sounds weird, huh? If your body thinks it's starving, your metabolism will slow down. Are you doing any weight lifting? That helps you burn calories longer.

    And sometimes, we just need to be patient. When we are eating healthy and exercising, we are getting healthier and doing good things for our bodies.

  2. LOL on this one... that's cute... but next time argue about who has pretty eyelashes or something... Fat Talk makes me sad... think positive!