Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Most Awesome Tuna Salad Sammich

I used to never eat tuna, but now I love my my most awesome tuna salad sammich. It consists of 1 can 3 oz. Star Kist Chunk Light (in water), celery, pickle, low fat mayo, and salt & pepper to taste.

As you can tell, it's jammed packed with celery and pickle. I like it like that. I don't put a ton of mayo. 1 tablespoon of Duke's Low Fat Mayo has 5 grams of fat. Sometimes I put that much, sometimes less. I think it binds together better when you add the full tablespoon though. Oh yeah...I use low fat bread too. Sometimes I mix it up and use chicken instead. Marc thinks I'm crazy for using so much celery, but he doesn't even like celery, so I don't listen to him. I like what I like!


  1. I'm not a celery fan, so I wouldn't like your tuna salad either ;)

    But you like it and that is all that matters

  2. ooohhh...I love all that green in your sandwhich! YUMMY!