Monday, July 20, 2009

Ouch...That Hurts!

My body hurts in more than one place from all the stuff I did this weekend. Marc and I rode our bikes at Furman on Saturday. My butt hurts pretty bad from doing that. That seat isn't kind to my rear end at all! You'd think that with all the padding I have back there, that I wouldn't hurt, but let met tell hurts down to my haunches. OUCH!! Does that get better with time, I wonder? Yesterday, I drug out the Wii and did my Wii Fit. It was the first time I'd played it since February. I did some exercises that I'd never done on there before, including some crunches. I think they called them "scissor curls"? I woke up this morning and I'm SORE! I suppose that's a good kind of sore though. Yesterday evening, Sarah and I walked our usual. So I had a weekend full o' exercise. I lost another I'm at 194 now! Zipadee Do Da! Zipadee Dee Day! I'm on the downhill slope to the 180's!

I made some turkey spaghetti yesterday. I thought it was decent, but Marc only rated it a 5. Of course it isn't going to be as good as ground beef spaghetti, but it was definitely better than a Lean Cuisine!

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