Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Slipping...

Last night I didn't exercise because I had a committee meeting for my 20th year high school reunion. Tonight I'm not going to exercise because we've been invited to Todd & Janice's house to eat crab legs. Wait, that's not true. Janice did say that I should bring my walking shoes and that we'd walk up her neighbor's driveway. It's way long and way hilly. It's better than nothing. I'd much rather get in my usual walk though. I couldn't turn down the invite for crab legs. Crab isn't fattening, is it? I think as long as you don't dip it in the melted buttah, you're ok.

I lost another pound. 193!

1 comment:

  1. enjoy your evening.. enjoy the crab legs, and the walk up the driveway. do NOT NOT NOT let a day or a few that are "slipping" to slide you down the long slippery slope of guilt and gain. Been there, done that. Pick yourself right up, and drink LOTS LOTS LOTS of water today, tonite, and get yourself out right away next day for a nice long walk.

    this is about YOU, for LIFE.

    ps.... you must be doing something very right, congrats on the loss. :)