Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting Bored & Half Asses

I'm getting bored with my weight loss journey. I'm not getting bored with exercise, but I'm getting tired of just walking. I'm pretty sure I'm going this week to buy a bike. I'm getting tired of eating the same old foods and I need to mix things up a bit. I need to find some decent recipes and quick fix meals. I had a turkey dog the other day and it was pretty darn good. I topped it with hot dog relish instead of chili and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. Last night I had a Morningstar Chicken Patty and it was good too. I don't have a ton of time to cook in the evening before I exercise, so time is a factor when it comes to food.'s a process and a learning experience, I know.

There's something else that's been bugging me lately. It irritates me when I see people who say that they want to lose weight, but then don't really try. They half ass it. I know that I've been there/done that myself. Who am I to judge?? It's all a mind thing. You have to resolve in your mind that you're going to REALLY DO IT and then REALLY DO IT! I'm working on not being irritated at people in my life for half assing it. I don't know what else to do, but to encourage them and to offer tips that have helped me. Until they make that commitment to themselves, I don't suppose there is really anything else I CAN do.

Gosh, that makes me sound so snarky and judgemental. I'm not...I swear!


Edited to add: I started to delete this post, because it really isn't fair for me to be irritated at all. Weight loss is HARD and I shouldn't judge or make assessments about anyone in their weight loss journey. I hope that I haven't stepped on any one's toes or hurt any feelings. If I have, I am truly sorry.


  1. i struggle not to half ass it... sometimes i even win...

  2. People who half-ass it irritate me too. And sometimes I do it, so I irritate myself. All talk and no action, yada yada...Let's be real, if we want to do this, you have to do it. You have to want it so bad you are willing to turn your life topsy-turvy....

    A bike is a great idea! Go for it. Also for recipes, look around the web. What I do, when I find a good one, is put it on my blog (with credit, of course)...that way I know where to find it again :D

  3. I get irritated about the half-ass thing too and 95% of the time it is my own self talk. I either want this or I don't and I'm the one making the choices - no one is forcing me either direction.

  4. i so hear you on the half asses!!

    having alternate exercise routines is a great thing. I too have a bike that I love for outside...and inside for in the winter and bad weather, I alternate between work out videos (I use Walk away the Pounds) and our recumbant bike. When I get down to 275 I can finally use our elliptical again. can't wait for that. (oh yes.. i can.. .it's a DEATH machine)