Wednesday, July 8, 2009

12 Facts About Me You Didn't Know

1. I think political correctness has gone too far. People get their feelings hurt too easily these days. Suck it up already! Get over yourself!

2. I despise Oprah. I also despise anyone affiliated with Oprah. That includes Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and whoever that BFF is of hers....Gayle? It irritates me to no end when people take what Oprah says as the gospel. Oprah thinks her sh*t don't stank. Yeah...I'm pretty sure it does.

3. I say "Yes, Sir" and "Yes, Ma'am". You rarely hear that said much anymore (even in the South). If I had children, I'd teach them to say it. I tried to teach my dogs to say it, but they just looked at me crooked and then licked their butts.

4. Cornbread isn't worth eating unless it's cooked in a cast iron skillet.

5. I played softball from the 4th grade until my freshman year in college. My senior year in high school I won MVP. I missed the award ceremony because of a boy.

6. I don't care who you are, I'm not going to kiss your ass.

7. In 2001, a cyst the size of a large grapefruit consumed my left ovary and I had surgery to remove it.

8. I have a B.A. degree in Elem. Education. I taught K5 for a short time. I soon realized that I hated it. I have never regretted not using my degree.

9. I know how to make (can) bread & butter pickles.

10. No one can read the Sunday paper before me. As I read it, it as to be stacked "just so". If it's not stacked correctly, I can't continue to read the rest of the paper.

11. Once the fire dept. was dispatched to my house. Apparently, when you're cooking frozen pizza, you're supposed to remove the brown cardboard the pizza sits on before you cook it. Who knew?

12. I am not ashamed of being a Southerner or of my Southern accent. Anyone is who ashamed should be beat about the face with a wet carp.

Me - January 2008


  1. ooohhh...I feel closer to you already! Love the list, but am feeling ashamed cuz I've never had cornbread on a cast iron skillet!

  2. I despise Oprah, too (she keyed up my car).

  3. #'s 2 and 4 speak to me deeply and equally!

  4. Love the list, you sweet and sassy southern girl, you! :)
    Also agree 100% on the PC and Oprah items on your list.

  5. I'm Canadian... so the furthest thing from a "southerner" although one of my bestest friends is... I gotta say, #2, #4, and #6 are three way tied for my all time favs!!! :)