Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looks Can Be Deceiving...

This incline doesn't look like much, but it sure kicks my butt. This was formerly an old railroad track and was recently turned into a walking/biking trail. I'm thankful for this trail, because I'm not sure that I'd be so active without it. It's literally seconds from my house. Convenience means a lot to me!

I walked last night by myself. I started at a different part of the trail for a change of scenery. I walked part of the trail and then around Furman Lake. My pedometer said it was only 3 miles though. It started raining on me and it was getting late so I headed home. I wasn't digging walking by myself last night either, because at that time they had not announced that they'd caught the Gaffney serial killer dude yet. (FYI...Gaffney is about an hour away from me). Close enough for me to get the willies about walking alone! Good thing I don't do that often.

I lost another pound............I'm at 197.

I rock.

That is all.


  1. But y'know... running with a serial killer chasing you probably would burn a lot of calories.

    JK... be careful out there.

    And you do rock.

  2. you DO rock! (just found you thru HYC) i would LOVE a trail like that near my house... but not a serial killer dude.. (shudder)

    congrats on the great loss!

  3. Love the picture of the path--looks like a great place to walk!

  4. Be careful walking by yourself! congrats on losing another pound, you do rock!

  5. Walking alone at night can be scary anywhere. But yeah, if there was a known serial killer hanging around, I would probably be freaked out completely.

    Great job on the loss!

  6. You DO ROCK! Congrats on the loss.

    Walking alone with a serial killer in the area - NOT COOL! You need to carry a gun if you are going to do that. That is a very nice looking trail. :-)

  7. awesome loss and great walking trail, you know, apart from the risk of sudden death...