Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good News....Bad News...and Subway

The good news is that technology rocks. I downloaded a GPS app. on my Iphone that told me exactly how far I rode last night. The bad news is that it wasn't the 7 miles like I'd planned. Instead, it was just 5.68 miles. I started at the train at Duncan Chapel Road and rode toward TR. I didn't ride all the way to the American Cafe like we did the other night, so I cut myself short .68/mile. Even added to the 5.68 that doesn't equal 7 miles, which means we miscalculated the other night anyway. I didn't ride the extra .68/mile because that portion takes me right smack dab through the middle of TR and I didn't really feel like riding through that part so everybody and their Mama could gawk. far this week (since Sunday), I have ridden a total of 16.47 miles. Gawd.....did that sound like rambling or what?

In other news, I decided to try one of Subway's new breakfast sandwiches this morning. I checked out the calories and fat first and found that the Egg White Melt on the Light Wheat English Muffin had the same calories and fat as the breakfast bars I'd been eating. So....I gave it whirl. I got it plain with no veggies. I think some green pepper would have been yummy though. It was very filling!


  1. So "Green pepper would have been yummy" and "it was very filling"

    Does that mean it tasted good?

  2. Good to know about the Subway breakfast item. I'll tuck that one away for future use!