Monday, April 12, 2010

One Down.......

29 to go. I'm down a pound! 194! I really hate losing weight that I've already lost one time. I guess a lot of long time fatties know where I'm coming from when I say that. least I don't have much to re-lose this time. I stayed super busy this weekend. I wanted to ride my bike on Saturday, but by the time we finally got finished with all we had to do, it was 7:30'ish and was too late to start a bike ride. This is what we grilled on Saturday night:

Marc grills the BEST chicken. We marinate it in Italian dressing and also season it with McCormick's Italian seasoning in the grinder. It has to be the JUICIEST chicken I have ever tasted. The veggies weren't too shabby either, although I think they could have cooked longer; almost charred would have been much better.

I tried a couple of recipes from GreenLiteBites. I tried a hummus recipe, but wasn't real thrilled with it. I've never been able to make a low fat version of hummus that tasted decent though. I'm beginning to think it's not possible. I ended up throwing it out. Not defeated yet, I tried a bean dip recipe. It was actually good! Marc didn't even spit it out, like he does most low fat/fat free stuff. Here it is: What can I say, it ain't pretty. It's bean dip.

I left out the chili powder and cumin. Marc isn't a fan of either and I can take or leave either of them myself. The dip was just fine without them. The dried cilantro added nice flavor by itself. I suppose adding some fresh cilantro would be a nice addition too.

We did get in a bike ride yesterday at Furman. It was crowded there, so it was hard sometimes maneuvering around all the people walking and the Furman students milling around. I think I'll hit the Swamp Rabbit Trail tonight. It's a tougher ride, but so be it. I think that's what I need anyway.

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