Friday, April 9, 2010

Confession and Clothes Sizes

Last night we met Todd and Janice at our usual Mexican restaurant. I ordered a mushroom quesadilla and an order of rice. I did eat an ass load of chips though. Maybe not an ass load. I have definitely eaten more before. Todd ordered some cheese dip. I could have easily taken down the whole bowl myself, but I didn't. I only dipped a few times. I still weighed 195 this morning, so it's all good. I didn't manage to fit in any exercise yesterday, but I'll make up for it this weekend. It's supposed to be beau-ti-ful! Ok..that's my confession, on to clothes size.

Since I've lost weight, I've gone down about 2 sizes. I used to wear a size 20 and now I can wear some size 16's. I get annoyed at what size I wear. I know that if I wasn't shaped the way that I am, I wouldn't wear such big sizes. Even when I weighed 125, I wore a size 10. I'm cursed with a big ass and hips, so even when I'm small I wear a bigger size than other people. For example, my sister-in-law weighs about 125 and is about 5'6 (about and inch taller than me). She wears a size 4! She has NO hips or ass. I know I shouldn't worry about sizes and numbers so much. It's not all about that. Pfffffffffffffft! Who am I kidding though, no woman would wants to wear a bigger size! I guess I should be thankful that I have curves though, right? I should just accept that I will never be a size 4. THAT ship has sailed! I'll be happy with a size 10 or 12!

In other news, I'm hoping to try a healthy recipe or two this weekend, courtesy of GreenLiteBites.

TGIF, Y'all!

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  1. Yeah, I hear ya about the sizes. I, too, will never be a size 4. I'll be lucky to ever be a size 10.

    Just remember that weights and sizes are just numbers. Go until you feel great about yourself.